'86 Fiero GT

Stupid 80s Car Stupid 80s Car Engine

This is my 1986 Pontiac Fiero GT, that I bought when I was still in high school back in 2005.

There is obviously a much longer story here [over ~17 years], but most of it is fairly boring. The short version is that I swapped an Aurora 4.0L [baby Northstar] into it a while back, along with an F23 5-speed transmission, Tilton Twin-Disc clutch and 'the' Shelby Computer tuned with HPTuners. It ran okay for ~4,000 miles for a summer, then got taken apart and shelved again.

Now I want to 'finish' it and it's got an S366 Borg-Warner turbo, Precision boost control, a big ol' water-to-air intercooler, Fluidyne oil cooler with CF duct, two Bosch 044s with a surge tank and stainless everywhere. Should be wild.

There are also other slightly less intense mods that I've done, including front tubular control arms and coilovers and rear coilovers on the struts. Brakes are stock right now, but I have some pretty gnarly Wilwood calipers to toss on if I have the time and budget. I'll show that here.

Right now [11/21] I don't have a huge list for completion by spring, but it's not nothin'. I'm going to start a YouTube channel to try and have a video entry to go along with a text and photo-based one here. It's also nice to document builds like this with parts numbers because their Frenkenstein-ey nature can make whatever bearings/seals, etc. hard to find.


11/14/21 - Cancelling the 8-into-1 and moving on...


11/14/21 - Cancelling the 8-into-1 and moving on...